Multiple Teams · Athletic Paperwork for 2020-2021

All of this paperwork needs to be completed before your student-athlete can tryout for any high school sport.

Please make sure you turn in paperwork for next school year—here is the link for online Rank One KISD Athletic Paperwork:

Here are where medical history/physical forms are located:

Every athlete will need a new medical history form. If you complete the medical history forms for volleyball and want to send to me I can send to the athletic trainers. Or if you would prefer to submit them yourselves here are their e-mail addresses: &

THIS year athletes are not required another physical IF they already have one in Rank One on file.

They DO need one if:

  1. They have never had one (we don’t have it on file)
  2. If based on their medical history form it’s deemed necessary to get one.

If you have questions regarding whether your daughter needs a physical or not, please e-mail &