Multiple Teams · Week #8 Volleyball STUDENTS of the Week

Congratulations to the Week #8 Student of the Week Selections: Daja’niese Martin, Adaizah Millett and Lanijah Harrell.
Daja, Varsity, Junior Defensive Specialist, was nominated by Mrs. Sibole: “Daja’niese is in my pre-AP physics class, and we have been struggling with some really hard concepts lately.  I’ve seen some stellar group work and problem solving from her lately.  She has been on it!”
Daja would like to attend UT Austin and major in Nursing.
Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Morris: “She is my favorite teacher because she has always encouraged me to do better and she always keeps it 100% with me.”
A fun fact about Daja:  “I can sing and dance.”
What advice would Daja give to any student: “Focus on your grades and try not to procrastinate as much. Just get it done.”
Adaizah Millett, Junior Varsity, Sophomore Right Side Hitter, was nominated by Mrs. Strovers: “Adaizah Millet is an absolute pleasure to have in class. Every teacher would be so excited to have her as a student. She puts in so much effort into everything she does and she is one of my most respectful students. I wish I had a lot more students like her.”
Adaizah would like to attend Texas A&M and major in Animal Science.
Her favorite teachers is Mrs. Strovers: “Because I like how she makes learning fun.”
A fun fact about Adaizah:  “I’m Caribbean.:What advice would Adaizah give to any student? “Do your work and stay out of trouble because once you go to Gateway, your high school career can be affected.”


Lanijah Harrell, Freshman Hitter , was nominated by Mrs. Summers: “Lanijah did a great job on her INB and test. She earned a 91.5 on the INB and a 90 on her test. Her hard work is paying off and I am so proud of her.”

Lanijah wants to attend Baylor and major in Engineering or Mathematics.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Summers:  “Because instead of being impatient when I didn’t understand something, she explained the material and got me to where I am.”

A fun fact about Lanijah: “I’ve come a really long way with not struggling with my insecurities and happy to have made the high school volleyball team.”

What advice would Lanijah give to any student? “Don’t give up in running or in practice. Don’t let anyone intimidate you or make you feel like you don’t belong. And stay on top of your grades.”

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