Multiple Teams · Week #5 Volleyball STUDENTS of the Week

Congratulations to the Week #5 Student of the Week Selections Diamond Woods, Mikayla Morgan and Araceli Guillen
Diamond Woods, Varsity, Senior Right Side Hitter, was nominated by Mr. Field. “She has made outstanding improvements from last year. Dia is way more attentive and organized.”Dia is attending Texas A&M Commerce to major in Business & Marketing. She is also committed to playing volleyball there!Her favorite teachers are Mr. Field & Mr. Tucker: “Because they both socialize with me and make me laugh.”A fun fact about Dia: “I love to watch powder crumbling ASMR videos.”

What advice would Dia give to any student: “Never burn any bridges, you never know when you’ll need someone’s help.”


Mikayla Morgan, Junior Varsity, Junior Libero, was nominated by Mrs. Barker: “She has been working really hard and really improving in physics!”  Mr. Alfred also nominated her and had this to say about Mikayla: “I would like to nominate Mikayla Morgan. She is an asset to have in class. She is active in class discussions and sets a positive example for the other students. She also goes out of her way to help other students in her group that may be struggling with a certain topic. She is a true leader in my classroom and a pleasure to teach!”

Mikayla wants would like to attend the Texas A&M and major in Vet Medicine.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Alfred: “He is an amazing teacher and loves to goof off and communicate with his students. He is great at putting grades in on time and always helping when questions are asked.”

A fun fact about Mikayla: “I speak Spanish and English fluently.”

What advice would Mikayla give to any student? “Stay on top of your work and don’t get distracted. Focus on your goals and what you need to accomplish, and have fun while you do it.”


Araceli Guillen, Freshman, Defensive Specialist, was nominated by Mrs. Parker: “Araceli, although very quiet, is always participating in class and assisting her peers. She is an absolute sweetheart and a joy to have in class.” Mrs. Summers also nominated her and had this to say about Araceli: “She is hard working and she works well with others when we do collaborative work in class. She has me 7th period, so she misses my class from time to time but she stays on top of her missing work. She is a great student athlete.”

Araceli is still deciding on where to attend college and what to major in.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lyles: “She is my favorite teacher because she is funny and relatable and I enjoy being in her class.”

A fun fact about Araceli: “I love playing any sports, especially when it’s just playing around with friends.”

What advice would Araceli give to any student? “Stay on top of your grades, have good behavior anywhere you go and still have fun doing the things that you love.”


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