Multiple Teams · Week #4 Volleyball STUDENTS of the Week

Congratulations to the Week #4 Student of the Week Selections Adelia Puni, Evelyn Lorenzo & Elizabeth Eakin!

Adelia Puni, Varsity, Sophomore Outside Hitter, was nominated by Mrs. Gallegos. Here is what Mrs. Gallegos had to say about her: “Adelia Puni has done a great job of catching up in Spanish class. She did all of her work quickly and accurately. She a dedicated student and deserves to be acknowledged for it.”

Adelia would like to attend UT or Westpoint and major in kinesiology..

Her favorite teachers is Mr. Ganem: “It was hard choosing my favorite teacher, because I have many, but I have to go with Mr. Ganem, my geometry teacher. He’s really a nice, caring and funny teacher! I enjoy being in his class.

A fun fact about Adelia: “I’m originally left handed, but I hit with my right. I can also hit with my left, but not as strong as my right.”

What advice would Adelia give to any student: “Always stay up on all your classes. Never miss school. Turn in all missing assignments and always focus in class.


Evelyn Lorenzo, Junior Varsity Sophomore Libero, was nominated by Mrs. Cox: “Evelyn is always ready to help out in class! She does great work and helps out others. Despite the class being rambunctious, she is always on the ball with her work and behavior”

Evelyn wants would like to attend the University of Texas and major in kinesiology and get into a physical therapy program.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Morris “Because she is so funny and an understanding person. She makes chemistry seem simple.”

A fun fact about Ev: “I lam mixed with Filipino, Korean and Black.”

What advice would Ev give to any student? “Do your work! It is always hard to catch back up.”


Elizabeth Eakin, Freshman Outside Hitter, was nominated by Mrs. Wells. “Elizabeth is always focused in class and when she has been missing school due to school activities, she always makes sure she asks what classwork she needs to make up.  She never causes any type of behavior issues.”

Elizabeth is still deciding on where to attend college and wants to major in something in the medical field. 

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Wells “Because she is really nice and she teaches well and gives you extra time to do things.”

A fun fact about Elizabeth: “I love to be outdoors, playing sports and staying active.”

What advice would Elizabeth give to any student? “Stay on top of your school work if you are going to play sports.”


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