Multiple Teams · Volleyball STUDENTS of the Week–Shanne Donasco and Tynasia Thomas

Congratulations to our Week 9 STUDENTS of the Week Award Winners–Shanne Donasco and Tynasia Thomas!

Mr. Offord had this to say about Shanne:

“I am nominating Shanne Audrey Donasco because she has been shown to be a natural leader in my classroom when no one is willing to step up to the plate. Also, because she is always cheerful and kind to others.”

Mrs. Martin had this to say about Tynasia:

“She always has a great attitude, stays on task, and ask questions when she needs help.”

What Shanne wants to major in college: Forensic Science & Criminal Justice

What Tynasia wants to major in college: Kinesiology to become a physical therapist

Shanne’s Favorite Teacher and why? Mr. McNeill (physics) because he’s very easy to talk to, always encouraging students to do their best and he’s very supportive.

Tynasia’s Favorite Teacher and why? Mrs. Martin is my favorite teacher because she greets the class every day and always has a smile every day, even though I ask a lot of questions in class.

Fun fact about Shanne: I’ll reorganize or redecorate anything when I feel stressed to get my mind of things.

Fun Fact about Tynasia: I look up to Serena Williams very much because she is a great athlete and has a body I want to have one day.

Shanne’s Favorite Quote:  “Ask yourself today if what you’re doing is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

Tynasia’s Favorite Quote:  “Hard Work Pays Off”

What advice would you give to any incoming freshmen about high school? 

Shanne: Seize and enjoy the moment while it’s happening because you’ll never get that moment back again.

Tynasia:  High School is not scary as people make it to be. Just know the next years will go super super fast and you’ll already be a senior. Always get good grades, join a club and have fun with friends.

Thanks to Killeen Applebee’s  for providing some awesome prizes for our Lady Eagle Volleyball Student of the Week!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!