Multiple Teams · Volleyball STUDENTS of the Week–Adaizah Millett and Kylie Swanson

Congratulations to our Week 6 STUDENTS of the Week Award Winners–both of our Ellison Freshman Setters, Adaizah Millett & Kylie Swanson!!

Mr. Murphy had this to say about Adaizah:

“Adaizah Millett (freshman) for being a presence that exemplifies personal responsibility in her class as evidenced by her diligent attention and consistent work ethic.”

Mrs. Summers has this to say about Kylie:

“She is so sweet and hard working. She is always so polite and kind to everyone in class.”

What Adaizah wants to major in college: Animal Science

What Kylie wants to major in college: Criminal Justice

Adaizah’s Favorite Teacher and why? Mrs. Roberts because she really knows how to interact with her students.

Kylie’s Favorite Teacher and why? Coach McIver (Patterson MS) because she is like a mother figure to me, she has always been there to support me, no matter what.

Fun fact about Adaizah: I am Carribean

Fun Fact about Kylie: I want to be a special agent in the FBI

Adaizah’s Favorite Quote:  “With great power come great responsibility.”

Kylie’s Favorite Quote:  Ships don’t sink because of the water around them, it’s because the water gets inside. Don’t let what happens get inside you and weigh you down.”

What advice would you give to any incoming freshmen about high school? 

Adaizah: Stay on top of your school work.

Kylie:  Challenge yourself and don’t get swept up in the crowd. Stay focused on you and your studies.

Thanks to Killeen Applebee’s  for providing some awesome prizes for our Lady Eagle Volleyball Student of the Week!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!