Multiple Teams · Volleyball Student of the Week–Chantelle Cancel

Congratulations to our Week Four Student of the Week Award Winner Chantelle Cancel!
Mrs. Eudy has this to say about Chantelle:

“I am nominating Chantelle Cancel for VB player of the week.  First, she personally invited me to the Belton game and then reminded me about it… it was fabulous that you beat Belton by the way – YAY! – Second – she is extremely motivated to do her best in the classroom.  She asks great questions, makes it a point to study by herself, and asks how she can improve.  Third – Chantelle is willing to help others achieve their best.  She is the first to lend her notebook to those who have been absent or to share materials if she has them. Fourth – Chantelle is such a positive person. Her optimism and great attitude is catching to those around her.”

What I want to major in college: Biomedical Science

Favorite Teacher and why? Mrs. Eudy because she is teaching her students how to prepare for A&P in college. She also gives the best tips for how to study and keep a nice, organized notebook.

Fun fact about me: I love being busy! When I am bored on the weekends with nothing to do , I often feel really lethargic and sleepy.

Favorite Quote:  “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker

What advice would you give to any incoming freshmen about high school? I would tell them to get involved! Become a part of some clubs, join a sport, but never, ever forget about your grades! Management and prioritization are the keys to success. If you work hard, I promise it will show.

Thanks to Killeen Applebee’s  for providing some awesome prizes for our Lady Eagle Volleyball Student of the Week!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!